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Yellow Eyes - Sick With Bloom

With two full lengths and a handful of splits & EPs, Yellow Eyes have honed their distinctive black metal style: unpredictable, narrative-driven compositions that shift fluidly between melodic fanfare and unsettling dirge. The guitars and drums rage like a passing storm, with short moments of respite before the oncoming surge. Their new album, Sick With Bloom, encloses the listener beneath a canopy of atmosphere and mood that hangs without interruption until the album’s closing moments. This is enhanced by the inclusion of numerous field recordings captured during the album’s production at an isolated cabin in the northern woods of Connecticut. You can feel the surrounding wilderness seeping through into the music. A sound elevated by the vibrations of ancient growth and echoes of nature’s power. Sick With Bloom was recorded on tape, mixed, and mastered by the band themselves, brothers Will and Sam Skarstad. The album also features M. Rekevics (of Fell Voices, Vanum, Vorde) on drums.