Wretched End, The - In These Woods, From These Mountains

It has been nearly four years since new sounds have emerged from the fiery studio alliance of former Emperor/Zyklon guitarist Samoth, Mindgrinder/Windir guitarist/vocalist Cosmo, and Dark Funeral drummer Nils "Dominator" Fjellstrom. This April, that silence ends with the worldwide release of In These Woods, From These Mountains.

Boasting a darker foundation than its predecessors, In These Woods, From These Mountains was recorded by the band themselves and mixed with producer Marius Strand in Norway. Mastered at Fascination Street in Sweden, it is without doubt the strongest and most varied of the extreme metal band’s growing sonic portfolio.

“Dead Icons” opens the album with fervent drumming and the signature buzz of Samoth’s celebrated six-strings. Harrowing vocals cater to the songs blasting and calculated cadence. Old friend Attila Csihar (Mayhem, Tormentor) lends hand on “Old Norwegian Soul” while Leprous vocalist/keyboardist Einar Solberg and Red Harvest’s LRZ contribute on the band’s unexpected adaptation of Bel Canto’s “Dewy Fields” for the album’s epic closer.

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