Wreck And Reference - Want

California-based heavy experimental duo, Wreck and Reference have returned with their best and most distinct work, their sophomore full-length -Want. Want sees the band taking a more refined and melodic sonic direction, yet the band keeps a foot in the experimental, electronic, and post-metal genre. Mixed and mastered by Jack Shirly (Deafheaven, Whirr, Loma Prieta), Want is Wreck and Reference fully realized: undeniably nihilistic, and devastatingly addictive.

Since their inception in 2011, the band has (de)constructed a manifesto of post-genre misanthrope. Wreck and Reference have become known as being a trainwreck of contradictions. Live, the band has gained a reputation of being devastating while the band’s recorded output has exalted a post-genre misanthropic vision of solipsism, self-doubt and post-modernism. Formed in 2011 by drummer Ignat Frege and instrumentalist Felix Skinner, Wreck and Reference plays by their own rules and creates a sound that is unorthodox and captivating using drums, vocals, and computers. The band released their demo Black Cassette that same year, which immediately turned heads from critics and fans alike. The following year, Wreck and Reference released their debut full-length, Y̶o̶u̶t̶h̶, to more critical praise. Even more dark and mysterious than its predecessor, Y̶o̶u̶t̶h̶ catapulted Wreck and Reference to the forefront of unconventional and mysterious heavy music. The band released their landmark effort in May of last year on Flenser, which was called “weirdly heavy and unnerving” by NPR.