Worriedaboutsatan - Heart Monitor

The performer’s idiom ‘always leave them wanting more’ is a mantra Gavin Miller and Thomas Ragsdale (as Worriedaboutsatan) have teasingly played upon in 2010. ‘Heart Monitor’ and the fervor awaiting it, is testament to what they achieved in a prolific and productive 2009, with debut release ‘Arrivals’ achieving universal praise, and also making a few end of year charts such as The Silent Ballet’s albums of 2009, and the DrownedinSound User’s Poll. With ‘Arrivals Remixed’ satiating the winter months, Worriedaboutsatan have teased with short, ambiguous yet immersive video clips leaked to the attention of the press that has fetéd them. Hinting at something bigger, the payoff comes in the self-released single ‘Heart Monitor’. Mastered by friend and imminent tour partner Tom Morris of Her Name is Calla, the track EP was available as a highly limited Cd and sold out in 2 weeks.

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