Magic Bullet

Wormwood - Self-Titled

S/T is the incurably bleak and sinister awakening and introduction to the world of Boston’s newest heavy music titan WORMWOOD.

In 2005, band members Chris Pupecki and Chris Bevilacqua were 1/2 of the progenitors of Black Thunder, the debut album from Northeast perennials DOOMRIDERS. Pupecki played guitars and Bevilacqua handled drums. Nine years later, the duo have come back together to unleash a sound and a vision much, much farther out on the plains of annihilation than either had gone prior.

Recorded 100% analog by Alex Garcia, you will simply not be hearing the sounds of S/T on Apple commercials, in romantic comedies, or overhead while walking through the mall. Song titles and lyrics like “Hollow Black Eyes” and “I’d Rather Die” obviously convey a very specific worldview and outlook. The sonic attack is harsh, the vocals are unapologetically negative, and it’s all destructively perfect as the needle digs in across the vinyl expanse of this stunning debut.

In the straight world, “wormwood” often describes a state (or even source, when describing the woody shrub of the same name) of bitterness and grief. In the metal underground, and with the release of S/T, the concept is about to be cemented many times over.

Time will mend our bones but never heal our souls.