Square Of Opposition

White Pisces - Weather

Imagine Sleep or some other totally bonkers stoner rock band from the 2000s is chugging through their set at rehearsal one day. In between songs there's a knock at the door. It's J Mascis, looking a little worn, a tangle of broken cables in hand. "Hey dudes," he says. "Anybody have an SLR I can borrow?" They invite him to wait while they rummage around an old chest of drawers in the corner. He notices an old Tascam cassette eight-track and begins fiddling with the dials. Bored, the drummer begins to play Dave Grohl's half-syncopated beat from "School." Mistaking it for a half-remembered Monster Magnet song, the guitarist scrambles to join in. Liking what he hears, Mascis presses the record button and frantically begins to move mics around. Suddenly the song grinds to a halt as the door slams open. It's Mark Arm from Mudhoney. He's the landlord and he's super pissed because the band is late on the rent...again. "Chill bro," says Mascis to Arm, casually tossing him the knockoff Jazzmaster propped against a milk crate in the corner of the room. They resume playing, but louder now, and somehow sloppier but more in the pocket at the same time. Hours later, Mascis takes the tapes home, mixes them on an old Soundcraft 400B he keeps in the kitchen (I know, the kitchen) and runs off a dozen cassette copies. The next week he drops by the rehearsal space and hands them over to the band. He can't remember their names, but it's cool. That's basically what Weather, the brand new LP from noisy Brooklyn dudes White Pisces sounds like. Limited to 300 copies on PA-based punk label Square of Opposition, Weather showcases crushing yet catchy songwriting from former members of Slow Warm Death and Street Smart Cyclist.