Consouling Sounds

Whisper Room - The Cruelest Month

Whisper Room is a trio formed in Toronto, consisting of Aidan Baker (Nadja, Adoran), Jakob Thiessen, and Neil Wiernik (Naw, Urban Refuse Group). The band took five years to prepare their sophomore album, and it certainly shows. Building on the beautifully layered soundscapes of 2009 debut Birch White, Whisper Room meticulously constructed a new micro-cosmos of fragile drones and atmospheric ambient pieces. Rippling melodies forged by Baker's guitars and effects, and slow-progressing musical narratives shaped by Wiernik's bass and laptop proficiency, keep expanding the listener's horizon. Yet, before the soundscapes lose themselves in dispersion, Thiessen's drums focus the narrative and thrust it back in line with vigorous urgency. A riveting and masterfully crafted record that ll surely intrigue and enrapture its listeners!

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