Wendy Eisenberg and Shane Parish - Nervous Systems

"Both are amazing guitarists with a backgrounds in experimental music, who have come together here to create some wonderful sonic lattices which appear to weave themselves before your very ears. The fact that these improvisations were recorded within hours of their first meeting is nothing short of remarkable.
This may sound a strange thing to say, but listening to this set takes me so far away that I forget that I am listening to two guitars, because the sound here is so dense and intense that the means is totally overtaken by the outcome… this is such an amazing performance… a moment in time which has been wonderfully captured"

Wendy Eisenberg and Shane Parish are two sides of the same wishbone. Both inventive, spiny guitarists with deep roots in all genres, both veterans of critically acclaimed experimental rock bands (Birthing Hips, Ahleuchatistas), both published in Arcana VIII: Musicians on Music, edited by John Zorn (2017). They only just met in March 2018, while Wendy was on tour in Asheville. Hours after meeting, they recorded this collection of radical standard-tuning guitar improvisations that explode the capacity of the instrument to accommodate fingers, pushing harmolodic boundaries, and displaying an uncanny psychic interplay that seems to evidence the fatefulness of this encounter.