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Watertank - Sleepwalk

Sleepwalk celebrates the 10th anniversary of french band Watertank and in the same time their debut album, 10 years of partial activity, half asleep, half walking. A three years process, through line-up moves and questionings, "Sleepwalk" delivers songs driven by a more melodic feeling, while preserving a heavy sound. As a logical result of what had been glimpsed in the previous record "Fairy Crimes" (2009), the formula has been perfected, and it feels like they found their way (not an easy thing when you're asleep).
From doom vibes (Holy Tranquilizer, Where It All Begins) to 90's post hardcore influences (Off The Radar, Ants In Suits, Quicksand), including Christmas carols (Sharp Beaks Strike Back) and prog rock style rip-off (Six Days), the band doesn't seem to fit under any particular category, focused on keeping things straight to the point with a melodic twist. Watertank is sincerely delighted to finally share those fresh "right in the nuts" compositions, like Tears For Fears wearing wife-beaters instead of turtleneck pullovers. Since its inception in 2003, the Nantes Quintet had the opportunity to perform on stage with TORCHE, KYLESA, BARONESS, THE OCEAN, CAPRICORNS, LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR and many more...