Robotic Empire

Verse En Coma - Rialto

Somewhere between the present day and unfortunate endings of CITY OF CATERPILLAR, PG.99 and MALADY, a "lost" recording was created but shelved for several years. Five dynamic tracks that collided with both artistic and industry red tape comprise the incredible VERSE EN COMA debut, Rialto. These delays hinder absolutely nothing though, as the power and sheer intensity behind these songs is borderline overwhelming. Unique, passionate and soaring vocals compliment the effects-laden screaming guitarwork and air-tight rhythm section. Coupled with distinctive song-structure and 5+ minute tracks, VERSE EN COMA’s debut is a downright substantial EP. Both digital CD and analog vinyl formats are coupled together in a gatefold jacket to add to the weight of this release. 1000 copies of this 10"+CD were pressed (700 on black, 200 on tan, 100 on white w/ blue splatter). This comes on black vinyl.

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