Daft Alliance

Various Artists - The Plague Hymns Parts 1-4

The Daft Alliance present The Plague Hymns- a 4 part series featuring over three hours of music by nearly 40 artists, compiled during the early staged of the Covid 19 global pandemic. The series focused on experimental mu- sic ranging from ambient, to psychedelic soundscapes, and occasionally into harsher territory.

The compilation features contributions from Psywarfare (Dwid Hellion), EVICSHEN, Aidan Baker of Nadja, MUDO (Igor Cavalera of Sepultura), Witches of Malibu, Ultracide (Jay Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed) KPG, Industrial Hazard (Spencer Hazard of Full of Hell), Nilserver, Trieu Thi Trinh (WT Nelson of Bastard Noise & Emperor of the North), NTSC, My Heart and Inverted Flame, Betty White Noise (performing a brilliant tribute to Integrity), En Nihil, Ryan Unks (of Human Quena Orchestra and Creation is Crucifixion), Stone Jaw, Music En Berlin, and many others.

Daft Alliance has put together a double cassette set that includes all 4 parts to this series. First edition is limited to 100 copies. Tapes come in a sleek white vinyl case, with full color cover art by Kyle Ranson.

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