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Ultra Dolphins - Mar

ULTRA DOLPHINS debut album, briefly titled "MAR", represents a fairly major departure from the band's previous spazz-oriented, garage band freak-outs. Without losing focus on songwriting, the off-kilter structures move continually forward building up frantic but calculated momentum. Several piano tracks accompany drums and noisy guitars along with well-placed vocal melodies. The result is a dizzying but somehow unified listening experience which features a band at the height of their creative prowess. The packaging for this thing is equally intense, with a nice full-color jacket and large 12-page song book. A solid debut album to say the least, and a true masterpiece to say the most!

A total of 1200 copies of this beast were made, here is the pressing info:
* CLEAR VINYL w/ RED HALO: 200 copies
* ORANGE VINYL: 200 copies