Self Released

Tristan Welch - Washington D.C

Cassette tape (Red Tint) with O-Card cassingle packaging. Shrink wrapped. Comes with a 4x4 sticker (shown). Download card.

This is a self-released cassette of minimalist heavy ambient movements. Drones for peace. Side 1 is titled D. Side 2 is titled C. Both pieces stay in their respective keys with a strong focus on their respective notes. The repetition of the notes layered and looped over each other create textures and atmospheres that remain unachieved by playing something once - unaffected. The atmosphere of a failing rail system. The disappointment of gentrified neighborhoods. The insecurity behind a lost statehood. The headquarters behind mindless drone strikes.

"A laudable 16 minute debut by Fairfax, VA drone artist Tristan Welch. Drones in the key of "D" and "C" that are both palpable and weightless. The kind of ambient tape you can put on and blissfully forget you are listening to while wondering why your day-to-day seems somehow imbued with some golden light of meaning. Deeper listens reveal a layering of lapped notes within the same key, an exercise in kinetic meditation. Individual notes puncturing the ether and then collapsing back onto itself. Spooling and unspooling like the chain on an anchor reacting to the tides".

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