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Tristan Welch / Ron Oshima - God Bless America

Ron Oshima is a working-class musician that plays soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones and flute. He has been playing around the DC metro area for over 20 years with various groups of many varieties as well as working as an award-winning sound designer. Tristan Welch is an experimental guitar player that creates heavy ambient movements via heavy minimalism.

Together, Tristan Welch and Ron Oshima have created three new pieces collectively titled “God Bless America”. These pieces create an ambient atmosphere with a mixture of free jazz. Each piece has a strong focus in their own respective keys – G, B and A. God Bless America was recorded live at The Brink outside of The Nations Capital on Election Day (US) 11/8/16. The concept behind God Bless America is actually pretty simple - we are not nationalist and we could all use a little help.

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