Robotic Empire

Tilts - Self-Titled

Based out of the heartland in St. Louis, Missouri, TILTS' debut on vinyl here with 12 slabs of absurdly catchy rock and/or roll. The songs are heavy, tuneful, have damn nice actual SINGING and tight spice added in all the right places. Guitarist/vocalist Andrew Elstner splits his time between TILTS and TORCHE (and used to play in RIDDLE OF STEEL) so you know he can shred. The band self-recorded this album in drummer Ken McCray’s home studio, then had Richmond, Virginia engineer Ian Whalen (RAH BRAHS, TOMBS, LAMB OF GOD) re-mix the whole shebang. James Plotkin (ISIS, CAVE IN, THOU) carefully mastered the beaut (for vinyl-specifically and separately for the digital download included) and she polishes up right nice! Rounded out by bassist Shawn Hart and guitar player Andy White, TILTS have delivered a seriously infectious debut album with 12 rockin "ALL KILLER NO FILLER" tracks! .Comes on color vinyl, nice packaging and with a high-quality digital download of the full album as well. Yellow vinyl is 1st press.

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