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Tilts - Cuatro Hombres

The St. Louis quartet TILTS return with 10 brand new tracks of killer rock and roll on Cuatro Hombres, with just enough spice to keep things nice! Guitarist/vocalist Andrew Elstner splits his time between TILTS and TORCHE and can sing like a mofo! These soaring vocals land atop catchy songs both heavy and melodic.

Once again, the band's drummer Ken McCray self-recorded this at Marmadook Studios, then had Richmond, Virginia engineer Ian Whalen (RAH BRAHS, TOMBS, LAMB OF GOD) mix the beast. James Plotkin (ISIS, CAVE IN, THOU) carefully mastered the final banger specifically for vinyl, and separately for the included high-quality digital download.

Rounded out by bassist Shawn Hart and guitar player Andy White, TILTS triumphantly deliver a seriously infectious sophomore album with 10 songs of "ALL KILLER NO FILLER" rock music! Like the debut LP, Tom Huck's brilliant woodcut artwork adorns the sleeve, with righteous pink/clear color vinyl inside.

Limited test press version of TILTS' killer 2nd album, Cuatro Hombres also available.
Comes in a hand numbered screen printed jacket and limited to 130 pieces (primarily sold by the band on tour).
Only a handful made available for mailorder!

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