Elder Magick

Thou / Barghest - Split

This two-song split is comprised of Barghest’s “Application of Malthusian Principle” on side A, and Thou’s “The Mystery of Contradictions” on side B. You may have heard these songs on past releases from both bands, but this split is truly a collector’s item. “The Mystery of Contradictions” was originally released as an Adult Swim single. This version of “The Mystery of Contradictions” is unedited, bringing fans a little more than the previously released version of the song. It’s a noisy, twisted dive into our own egos. “Application of Malthusian Principles” was first released on Barghest’s 2015 EP “Into Weeping Firmament.” This song is a pretty straightforward black metal tune, showcasing what Barghest does best. Barghest’s track also features new bassist Qutaybah and vocalist Daemontis, both of whom joined the band last year. Daemontis vocal performance is a stand out as well. - NineCircles.Co