Consouling Sounds

Thisquietarmy / Noveller - Reveries

ConSouling Sounds is proud to give the Noveller and thisquietarmy collaboration Reveries a new life. The album was originally released on vinyl by Shelter Press in 2014, and sold out instantly. Now Reveries is available again, on CD with new artwork and two bonus tracks from the recording sessions that didn't fit the vinyl release. Reveries is the first collaborative effort between Noveller and thisquietarmy, two critically acclaimed composers welcoming us on an expanded guitar-based journey.

As much atmospheric as it is cinematic, as much an environment to get lost in as a soundtrack to imagine pictures to ... Noveller can give some clichés a good name again. --Pitchfork

Elegant, sophisticated music for those of us who have a better version of the Blade Runner soundtrack in our head than what s actually there. --Tiny Mix Tapes

Two essential reissues from guitarist Sarah Lipstate, who records under the name Noveller and makes some of the darkest, lightest, densest, most gossamer, and all-around loveliest instrumental guitar music around ... You need to hear it. --CD Hot List

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