Super Unison - Auto

Super Unison are a post-hardcore trio out of Oakland, CA, that do a hell of a lot of things right. The band is fronted by former Punch vocalist Meghan O'Neil, who takes her commanding voice to new heights. Today, SU are premiering their new Deathwish, Inc., full-length, Auto. The three have hammered down a perfect sound, reflective of the legacy of post-hardcore acts before them (like Drive Like Jehu, where their name is lovingly pulled from), but with a freshness that sets them apart from their contemporaries. "Prove Yourself" shows O'Neil railing against doubters, her yells like repeated daggers over the controlled frenzy of the guitars. Things seem to shift in speed at will, creating a sense of excitement and uncertainty in the music. "Keeper" is a totally aggro, sub-three-minute jam that keeps lining up riffs and O'Neil's screams — the song slows to a molasses pace before hopping back up to speed. Songs like "Everything" create a sense of desperation, the distorted guitar harmonies only providing relief in the outro. Auto is one of the smartest records in the genre in a while, refusing to be shoehorned into one category, and instead just putting together the best of everything loud and distorted.