Sport - Slow

French emo band Sport returns with the release of Slow, the followup to their great 2014 album Bon Voyage. Talking about that album, I said “It’s easy to get tired of the Kinsella-style emo bands — like garage rock or doom metal, it’s a genre where the point is sort of to do something that’s been done before — but Sport really do feel like a breath of fresh air.” That’s true of Slow too. Once again they’ve got a punky formula that kinda sounds like Cap’n Jazz meets Title Fight, and while they are in fact “reviving” an old style of emo, their sound is too fun and too spirited to feel like they’re just a rehashed version of other bands. - Brooklyn Vegan

First pressing of 2000. 
500 - Transparent Red with White Splatter 
500 - Blue with White Marble (this)
500 - Solid Red 
500 - Black