Mind Over Matter

Sparhawks - The Quiet Hour

The Quiet Hour is the sophomore release from the Boston-based technical post-rock band Sparhawks. Sadly, it also serves as their swan song, and because of this fact, this vinyl pressing will be a one-and-done scenario. This simply will not be re-pressed!

With the technical prowess of a softer-edged And So I Watch You From Afar or perhaps more akin to This Town Needs Guns without a vocalist, Sparhawks have found a wonderful little niche within the post rock community - one that blends the skill of their instruments along with the quiet/loud ebbing and flowing of a usual post rock output. After a handful of singles & EPs and the much-applauded debut effort The Cabin, Sparhawks recorded this long player over two sessions at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio and it was mastered for both digital and vinyl by Dave @ Lucky Lacquers.