Sons Of Alpha Centuari - Buried Memories

Exclusive version only available through Robotic Empire! Limited to 40 copies:

*180g Clear / Transparent vinyl

*Deluxe gatefold sleeve with 7mm spine on heavyweight card MP3 download card

*3” CD (featuring Nadja remix of SOAC and SOAC remix of Nadja


A collaborative post metal colossus and the second part of the journey that started with Continuum.

This unique release has been mixed by industrial metal icon JUSTIN K BROADRICK (NAPALM DEATH founder, GODFLESH & Jesu) and ambient gloom metal maestro James Plotkin. Buried Memories contains two new 10 minute slabs of eclectic ambient progressive rock and a series of interpretative remixes of the theme tracks by both Broadrick and Plotkin.

Justin Broadrick collaborates with the band on side A through the progressive riff saga of ‘Hitmen’ which he has mixed and also provided two remixes in his guise as ‘Jesu’ and another as the eponymous ‘JK Flesh’. These three staggering pieces of music elapse over 27 minutes of pure instrumental voyage in a way that only Sons of Alpha Centauri and Justin Broadrick could deliver!

James Plotkin and SOAC collaborate through several tracks including ‘Warhero’ - a sprawling 10 minute odyssey and a masterful remix of ‘SS Montgomery’ - the single from the bands landmark instrumental debut album.After ‘entering the Continuum’ the listener must now ‘bury their memories’. The darkness will envelope the listeners in this second part of their epic sprawling progressive dark rock saga.



01 Hitmen (Justin K Broadrick Mix)

02 Hitmen(Jesu Remix)

03 Hitmen(JK Flesh Remix)


01 Warhero (James Plotkin Mix)

02 Remembrance (James Plotkin Mix)

04 SS Montgomwery (James Plotkin Remix)


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