Witch Sermon

Secrets She Kept - La Fin Absolue du Monde

Absolutely punishing blackened extreme metal from Florida. We’ve been watching these guys closely since catching them on tour in Dallas a few years back. This album picks up where 2005's ”Requiems to Midnight, Woe” left off and takes Necrol and his horde to much darker places than they have been before. A stronger lineup, stronger material and an all-around stronger band than they’ve been before. Fans of Behemoth, early Sepultura, Emperor and even Death will almost certainly eat this stuff up, but these guys are getting harder and harder to classify. While this album will no doubt appeal to most fans of the above mentioned classics, it is very much Secrets She Kept doing it their way. Mastered by the legendary James Murphy! First pressing of 150 copies on red cassettes, and we will definitely be working with these guys again.