Robotic Empire

Red Sparowes - At The Soundless Dawn 2x12"

This is the BLACK vinyl version of this phenomenal double-LP, and we only got ONE of these sent back to us, so snatch it up quick! Tasteful use of space can be a rarity in modern instrumental music. Los Angeles' RED SPAROWES debut with "At The Soundless Dawn", a massive album with unconventional approaches to creating aural landscapes that prove not only tasteful, but downright outstanding. With generous hints to shoegazing's glorious past, their subtle use of reverberating guitars not only echoes the west coast's comforting distance of surf rock, but also helps the band fluidly transfer into darker passages that flow more like orchestral movements than modern rock songs. Their softer moments resonate in dream-like sequences that drift convincingly into heavier explosions, dismissing the predictable build-ups standardized by many bands of their ilk. It seems that no matter what pace they are playing, RED SPAROWES' music is always in motion... and with alumni from both NEUROSIS and ISIS on board it's not exactly a huge surprise. "At The Soundless Dawn" is seven-track, double-LP album and comes housed in a stunning gatefold jacket, helping make this nothing short of a phenomenal debut.

Pressing Info: (2000 copies total)
* 100 copies on smoke (clear+black mixture) vinyl (band-only copies, we have none)
* 200 copies on clear vinyl (100 copies for the band, 100 copies for the label)
* 1700 copies on black vinyl