Red Eye - Tales From The Days Of Yore

Surrounded by the glorious and eerie karst formations of El Torcal and hosting one of the oldest and largest megalithic dolmens in Europe (Menga), the Southern Spanish city of Antequera (Malaga) is a magical region where our ancestors built up the basis of next cultures to come. No doubt the four piece outfit Red Eye got inspired by this land ́s mystique and the clear connection between man and Earth when starting their activities in 2016, reinterpreting the concept of proto and modern rock into something creative and genuine. Their megalithic and profound riffs combine traditional doom and psych heavy tunes with both melodic and harsh vocals, fast learners of Iommi and Pike to name their strongest references. 

The six track full length debut entitled Tales From The Days Of Yore was recorded at Green Cross Studio. Tracks develop as something you can actually feel and maybe touch. From the nine-minutes opening statement “Encounter”, the psych doom passages of “BHC” or “Yagé”, to the final closing act “Waves”, a collection of crushing riffs and memorable solos will prove a delight to any diehard fan. 

The band would say “There is definitely something magic and primitive in our natural environment that influences our daily lives and we turn into the music we play. It would be foolish to deny it!”. And you can depend on it.

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