Broken Press

Rainbath Visual - Natural Selection PRINT

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The first in our hopefully ongoing "artist series" slew of designs, the ever-impressive and mega-chill RAINBATH VISUAL camp has conjured this "Natural Selection" image for us.

This is something we've wanted to kick off for years, and finally got the fire under our asses when this intricate new design hit us square in the brains! There's so much going on in this drawing that you can stare at it for ages (sober or enhanced) and keep seeing new things. So we hit up our Seattle pals at Broken Press (NEUROSIS, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, etc) and they banged out a beautiful 75 posters for us! We've kept a few for ourselves and of course gave the mighty RAINBATH VISUAL some copies, and at 18" x 24" in size we are hoping (and half-expecting) that the remaining copies won't last a super long time.

Unlike the equally gnarly t-shirt version of this killer image, the poster is actually two colors (white and black) on a nice 100lb pewter grey paper. Since this is our first official "artist series" poster, we are doing it up right with hand-numbered high quality prints, heavyweight tubes, kraft paper protecting this beauty and a lot of care going into the packaging and shipping of this thing.