Robotic Empire

Pyrit - UFO

Cinematic, profound and absorbing. PYRIT is the solo project of Swiss German Thomas Kuratli. This first album is the musical expression of an original literary project: the story of a journey into the body – dissolving to universe and transforming into an extraterrestrial machine. Recorded in a parking lot, this album is full of ideas and vivid emotions while definitely pushing the limits of the one-man band. After moving from Zurich to Paris, Thomas started to work at his debut album UFO, originally drawn from Pyrit’s love of electronic, psychedelic and kraut he creates soundscapes of a deserted concrete- world, destruction and loneliness. Sometimes there is a glimpse of hope, sometimes there is not. Pyrit’s music is simultaneously loud and fragile, complex and simple, and always evolving. Navigating between electronic psyche, gaunt blues and the soundtrack of a weightless film, Thomas exposes himself by donning the costume of a disenchanted crooner in search of the ultimate slow.  For Fans of: Low, David Lynch, Portishead and Kanye West' Yeezus

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