Pyrit - Control

"After two years of hard work whilst residing in Paris, the second album of PYRIT, project of the Swiss multi-instrumentalist Thomas Kuratli is ready. 
In the continuity of his first album "UFO" (2016), which told the transformation of a man into a machine, we are now locked in this machine whose infinite warrens are changing shape. Like a floating spirit remembering being a body, we end up roaming in this sonic maze, both prison and new world to be reclaimed. It’s in this context that our sensations collide in a coldly organized magma of sound. There, we can meet the bruised ghosts of David Lynch, Portishead or Haxan Cloak, but the result has something deeply personal and innovative. This wonderful album is ultimately a journey, without beginning nor end, where flesh and digital, concrete and abstract, anxiety and hope confront one another. It shakes, it's exhausting but it's a good thing. 
Finally, this album moves us deeply, and to have seen it born, be constructed, deconstructed, to reiterate itself and to be transformed moves us even more. So, we are very proud to present to you this new sonic friend delivered by a friend who’s very real" -Bookmaker Records

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