Pulse Emitter / Date Palms / Expo 70 / Faceplant - 4 way split

These are four artists from the American experimental/psychedelic scene that have truly bent our ears for quite some time. Each artist has recorded a complete side of material specifically for this release.

Pulse Emitter is the work of Portland, OR based cosmic synth master Daryl Groetsch. Since 2003 Groetsch has been creating his own synthesizer pads and patterns which drift through cosmic and nature settings. A veteran of the noise scene of the mid 2000s, the music has returned to something more melodic and layered in recent years. David Keenan has said “no one is making synth music that feels so organic, so rapturous and so ‘in tune’ with the contours of outer and inner space as Groetsch.” These are the first recordings from Pulse Emitter on Immune. A new full length album will follow on Immune later this year.

Date Palms is Gregg Kowalsky & Marielle Jakobsons from Oakland, CA. The duo began with a mutual interest in Carnatic and Hindustani LPs. Their debut album Of Psalms (Root Strata, 2010) was a statement in psychedelic minimalism driven by distorted, repetitive bass patterns. Their second album Honey Devash (Mexican Summer, 2011) was described by Aquarius Records as “a heady hybrid of spiritual Eastern jazz and rockish psych extrapolation”. Their first recording for Immune – “Night RIding The Skyline” is the soundtrack to a slow burning, low riding nighttime drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. Violin, bass, tanpura, Fender Rhodes and analog synths lead the way. Follow us.

Justin Wright’s Expo 70 project has been pushing experimental, drone and Kosmiche Musik to new realms for nearly a decade now. Constant touring and two critically acclaimed albums released on Immune have helped bring his name to the forefront of modern drone and Kosmiche Musik. The recording presented on this Record Store Day release was laid down in January of this year and features Wright on guitar joined by Mike Vera on percussion and Aaron Osborne on bass, showcasing a much fuller, heavier, and doomy sound for Expo 70. The music was prepared for a local vintage fashion show this past November, presented now here to showcase the trio line-up that has been performing out so far this year.

Faceplant is the solo work of Aaron Coyes (Peaking Lights, Rahdunes), described as his “solo modular hessian noise trance project”. Using his massive arsenal of home-made electronics and modular synths Coyes creates propulsive psych beats with a fractured dub/techno vibe. As Norman Records put it : “a total monged out electro vibe like Herbie Hancock on downers, with dubby swooshes and a repetitive melody.”