Patrick Bates - Salad Days

This record is the culmination of over a decade of writing and recording. What started as a simple exercise spent between 3 friends over holiday breaks in the Mid-2000’s eventually turned into a body of songs that were similar in sound and structure. While that was never the goal, the fact that all the songs were recorded in the same studio (Planet Red Studio) with the same 3 people, even with the recording sessions spanning over a decade, it became obvious towards the end to put them together for a release that would express a decade of musical experimentation.

After keeping up with this and performing for over a decade, Bates decided that these recordings needed to be finished and taken to the stage. In 2017, Bates commissioned Andreas Magnusson (owner and head engineer at Planet Red) to help wrap up these sessions and mix/master them. Per Bates, “Andreas was always part of this project, as it was his studio where we recorded everything. It only made since to get him to mix this record at the end of the day.” Out of 9 songs recorded, Bates took the strongest six and "Salad Day" was born. “The title is kind of an inside joke with myself. I am fully aware that many records share this title, and it is kind of a play on that. To me "Salad Days" represents an earlier time, when I was young and things weren’t so serious.”

We would like to specially thank, in no particular order, Chris Dowhan, Andreas Magnusson, Ash Bruce, all the wonderful musicians that came in throughout the years to make this a reality, Allen Bergendahl, Pete Applebee, James Menefee, Subodh Samudre, James Mason, Nick Wurz, Andrew Prousalis, Planet Red Studios for being a home to me for over a decade, Marshall Costan and The Awesome Few, Doug Kallmeyer and Verses Records, Chris Compton, Alberta Cross, Ki:Theory, Phantogram, Marco With Love, Doug and Dave and Monica with Verses Records, Radial Engineering, Ryan Crenshaw, and Ryan Burke with Furnace Record Pressing

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