Robotic Empire

Pageninetynine - Document #8 12"

*Small "repress" to use up extra parts, new cover color on light lavender ink.  Some copies have the original glossy booklet included and some copies have a super nice Xeroxed booklet version. Your choice*

Hand screened cover by Broken Press in Seattle, WA, limited colored vinyl... the re-press of this reissue is available again and done right! Arguably one of the most important punk rock albums of the last decade, Virginia’s PG.99 shine their brightest here in the finest 27 recorded minutes of their much heralded existence. With a plethora of releases only rivaled by their staggering eight member status, PG.99 managed to amalgamate almost every heavy-music genre into a tornado of punk rock fury. Not punk in a mohawk-mania sense, but with the unbridled raw spirit of youthful rebellion and passion. As one of the only recent bands to exist with a true sense of danger, Document #8 is PG.99’s opus to aggressive and creative music.

Originally recorded and mixed in a whirlwind three days, this reissue contains a full remixing by the band and engineer Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE), now including two bonus tracks previously used on a split with CITY OF CATERPILLAR. All coupled with the original artwork enhanced by a fine alternate layout and large 16-page booklet, this reissue finally does justice to the legacy that is PG.99.