One Second Riot - Self-Titled

After two split vinyls (with NEPTUNE from Boston and SOFY MAJOR from Clermont-Ferrand) and more than 50 shows since 2 years (with UNSANE, DOPPLER, UNLOGISTIC, MAGYAR POSSE, 31 KNOTS, etc.), the duet from Lyon releases its first eponymous full length, recorded early 2008 by Jean-Michel Quoisse (former HAPPY ANGER member), mixed by Nicolas Dick (KILL THE THRILL) and mastered by Franck Rivoire. Between punk-hardcore and noise-rock, ONE SECOND RIOT creates its own personal musical area all along these 9 different tracks, sometimes very aggressive, sometimes slow, cold and dark with samples and programmings that remind industrial and cold wave tunes. On the last record track "Clay Mud and Dust", you can hear a very noisy saxophone featuring from Stef (ENREGISTRE PAR STEVE ALBINI). When SHELLAC’s metallic rock collapses with BÄSTARD’s experiments. These arrived from the label with slightly bent corners.