Magic Bullet

NY In 64 - Self-Titled

After taking a fifteen-year hiatus from writing music together, Justin Hock and Thomas Schlatter — both part of the writing team behind ‘90s screamo band, You And I — began laying down the framework to collaborate once again. To flesh out the outfit, Schlatter and Hock recruited New Jersey musical veterans Chris Alfano and Seth Rheam, best known for their work in the progressive powerhouse East of the Wall, among many other acts, completing the lineup for NY IN 64.

Completely instrumental, the raw energy of 90’s hardcore supplied by Hock and Schlatter mixed with the refined technical aspects of progressive metal Alfano and Rheam deliver were like two worlds colliding, yet resulted into something that seamlessly blended the two contrary styles. While injecting the energy and enthusiasm of a basement show into a more refined musical composition, NY IN 64 attempts to harness two sides of many coins; youth and age, rawness and precision, joy and hostility.