Consouling Sounds

Northumbria - Bring Down The Sky

"The title track is an evocation voiced in layers of textured guitar, abrasive enough to leave you raw, stunning in its grace and dignity." -Invisible Oranges

"...Northumbria journey down their own righteous path of monolithic euphoria and leave us with tragically perfect records such as this." -Anti-Gravity Bunny 

"Where those tides of heavier distortion appear, the earth’s mantle cracks beneath your feet, and where the sun cuts through the clouds, there’s rays of utter bliss." -Steel For Brains 

"The music of Bring Down the Sky is a careful balance of chiaroscuro elements, as if each track was a view to the horizon from the top of the mountain unencumbered by clouds, in all directions, and the whole album is very satisfying and exhilarating journey" -Echoes and Dust

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