Nachtmystium - Live At Roadburn 2010

Nachtmystium‘s Blake Judd commented: “Our experience at Roadburn was truly one of a kind. Never have we been treated so well by organizers of any festival or tour we have been a part of, and it was truly a blessing to work with the kind folks behind this amazing festival. I’d also like to thank Ron van Herpen from Astrosoniq / The Devils Blood and Teun van der Velden from Astrosoniq for stepping in on very last minute notice to help us out with the lead guitar and synthesizer duties for this performance. Without these two gentlemen, our show would not have been what it was.
For your information, these two guys had THREE HOURS of practice with us EVER, on the day of the show none the less. We had not met them in person previous to the day of the show. They’d been asked to help us out (due to some unfortunate circumstances with a member of Nachtmystium having to leave for home mid-tour) about nine days before our performance at Roadburn. Both of them learned the entire set from the album recordings of the sons we played in these nine days, and then had a three hour window in the afternoon on show-day to rehearse with us as a full band.
I was (and still am every time I listen to this recording) completely blown away by how well both of these guys played. Their attention to detail was incredible, and we the band are eternally grateful for their services for this performance. So, we hope anyone listening to this recording enjoys it as much as we enjoyed performing it!
Thanks again to Walter, Jurgen and the rest of the Roadburn staff for their efforts with us directly, and for putting on what is, undoubtedly, the best heavy rock music festival in the world. If you’re a fan of festivals, be sure that at some point in your life you get to Tilburg for Roadburn. There is nothing quite like it and you will not be disappointed! Cheers and thanks to everyone who helped out and thanks to the fans who watched our set at Roadburn 2010!”
Away From The Light (Intro)
Your True Enemy
Ghost Of Grrace
Life Of Fire
A Seed For Suffering
Chosen By No One
Hellish Overdose
Cry For Help (Intro)
High On Hate
One Of These Nights
Line up:
Blake Judd – Rhythm and lead guitars, vocals
Ron Van Herpen – Rhythm and lead guitars
Teun van der Velden – Synthesizers
Andrew Markuszewski – Bass and vocals
Charlie Fell – Drums and percussion