Self Released

N / Moloch / E.H.E - Live at N51 21064° E6 783782°

From the bandcamp page:

"With this collaboration, the ongoing search for musical challenge has led me into the territories of harsh noise; something I never did before...
It happened after Moloch + E.H.E and me shared the stage during some festivals, respectively I listened to them during Moloch + E.H.E shows. I immediately liked how they manage to use noise in a very dynamic way, not always full blast, but really being able to tell a story with more than just one facette...

And: they are not using laptop only as a source; the main part of their sound is created using a really difficult to see through bunch of effect-boxes with a labyrinth of wiring. So the cacophony (NOT meant negative in this case) in sound and the visual cacophony of wiring and pedals really comes together when you have a look on the tables on stage, spread all over with their tools... Besides the pure sound, the visual aspect is significant anyway: At least one part of Moloch + E.H.E is concentrating on visuals during a show; using millions of frames for a visual improvisation in direct relation to the sound.

At some point we decided to just prove if it would work joining Moloch + E.H.E with N drones and instead of trying that at the studio we directly did our first live show. Luckily Andreas Brinke of [ B O L T ] was there that evening and did a fine recording directly from the mixing-board.
And now you can hear this very first and fully succesful melting of our different aestethics in sound: With the first part of the show I added micro-sounds to the noise, mainly emphasizing the moves of Moloch + E.H.E., for the second part I chose drones, somehow earthening the sound.

As with the music, we made it with this record: It is completely D.I.Y.; the records have been pressed on natural-clear vinyl, the sleeves are printed by ourselves, using different video-stills from the original visuals. Any cover now is made of two sheets of printed transparent paper put into a transparent plastic bag. With the record being transparent too, you have a very nice see-through / three dimensional effect... Look at it while you crank up the volume!"