Mr. Tube And The Flying Objects - No Wrong, No Rights

Mr. Tube And The Flying Objects is a musical conglomerate that’s spearheaded by Pall Jenkins (Three Mile Pilot, Ugly Casanova, Black Heart Procession) and Brad Lee (The Album Leaf) along with dozens of others. This is the newest oldest chapter of the Freddie Dillinger saga. Written in the 1950’s + 60’s, brought to life in 2015. Planet stomping music. The process of bringing to life the lost songs of Freddie Feelgood and the Real Good Feelings has been rife with challenges. From the painstaking process of piecing together the few recordings that exist of the band’s original performances, to the struggle of clearing ownership and publishing rights long held by Freddie’s corrupt manager (who we finally tracked down to a small village near the Niger Delta), and finally the meticulous re-recording process involving dozens of San Diego’s finest musicians spread out over a grueling 8 years. Limited to 500.