Consouling Sounds

Monnik - Vondeling

"Close in spirit to fellow Belgian one-man soundscape explorer Syndrome, this is on the sombre and ambient end of the droney spectrum, though it does have its moments of darkness and melancholic unease. First, the title track sets out a mournful, bell-ringing-in-an-empty-sky guitar line, which descends in steps before wheeling back up again and setting out into the same rut endlessly. Some subtle lower-string work supports these clear sad repetitions, and the upper melody goes round and round like a single wobbling bird, inexplicably the solitary amnesiac survivor on a Penguin Race toy from the 1980s. This insistent monotony is simultaneously unavoidable while sending your attention elsewhere, so the nuances of the pastel washes have space to emerge, gather into clouds, crystallize into wiry tendrils and then drift apart."

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