Gilead Media

Mizmor - Yodh

An epic conceptual exploration, Yodh finds the project at its most focused state. Over the course of the 60+ minute, five-track album Mizmor takes the listener to a place entirely new for the band. The album is an impassioned struggle with the nature of survival - why humankind continually chooses life each day in the face of adversity, pain, depression, and suffering.

Yodh is also elevated in its display of Mizmor’s most fully realized sonic experience. The album was recorded by A.L.N. himself, meticulously mixed by Sonny DiPerri, and mastered by Adam Gonsalves. This creative team pushes the sonic limits further than any previous Mizmor material in order to present a finished audio product suitable for such demanding themes. The result is simply brutal, harrowing and overwhelming blackened doom that surges with pure energy.

This album will be presented as a gatefold 2xLP by Gilead Media, and as a self-released cassette edition.



Super ferric tape in grey shell with black imprint, featuring a 5 panel j-card and digital download card (music, art, lyrics). 2022 reissue by A.L.N., edition of 100.

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