Mizmor - Self-Titled

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM THE  BAND: These tapes came partially defective from the plant and the audio on some of them has been affected. Some sound warped and strange, some play fine, it's a mixed bag and I don't have time to check every tape. Making tapes is becoming more difficult these days. Now that the effects tape making has on the environment are known, it's become harder and harder for companies to consistently source good tape (especially for extra long projects like mine). This coupled with the use of aging analog equipment creates a fairly unpredictable duplication process. We don't know why these tapes came out this way, but the plant simply doesn't have enough tape to redo my order and I have to salvage them, as-is. Because of this, I am offering these for half-off. With it, you get a high-quality digital download card, which on its own is sold for more than the tape (includes audio, lyrics, and art). Whether your tape plays well or not, you will be receiving a largely unique analog print of the album along with a 5-panel j-card of art to enjoy, and it's hand-numbered by yours truly. It's at least more special than only having the digital album. This album is very long and thus had to be outsourced to create; after this experience I won't be attempting to make another tape version. Your support is appreciated here.
2020 reissue by A.L.N. (second tape edition) - originally released 2012. S/T full length (65 mins of music) on chrome-bias tape in black shells with printed labels, with 5-panel j-card. Includes digital download card (music, art, lyrics). Hand-numbered edition of 200.

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