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Mizmor - Cairn

Portland, OR one-man, black/doom force of nature, Mizmor announce their highly anticipated third full-length titled, Cairn, scheduled for release on September 6th via Gilead Media. Pre-order is available now for all formats via @Gilead Media (LP/CD/Digital), Mizmor (cassette). All formats feature stunning new artwork commissioned by Mariusz Lewandowski.

Cairn continues to build upon the foundation of existential exploration and personal suffering wrought by religion, nature, and life itself that the artist's prior two albums laid (S/T - 2012; "Yodh" - 2016). Cairn muses on the absurd premise that is human experience: life is devoid of ultimate meaning and mankind can't help but continually seek meaning in it despite this. Lyrically influenced by the works of Albert Camus, A.L.N. (Mizmor) has created sonic power so big and so full of existential dread, it demands your undivided attention.

Over the four tracks (spanning almost 60 minutes), A.L.N.'s ability to effortlessly intertwine black metal, doom, and drone - all while retaining pummeling emotional power and momentum - proves Mizmor is an unstoppable force than spans across genres of heavy metal.


Cassette Version:

Super ferric tape in yellow shell with black imprint, featuring a 5 panel j-card and digital download card (music, art, lyrics). 2022 reissue by A.L.N., edition of 100.

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