Meth Drinker - Self-Titled

Meth Drinker, from Wellington, New Zealand, make raw music and can make you feel really sick. The album includes 9 tracks dripping some highly disturbing, more insane than simply filthy, raw doom/sludge metal impossible to ignore. Their style has been made up by inspiration from different genres as well as absorption of the sound by various bands that you can often easily pick up. But Meth Drinker don’t sound like imitation or patchwork, because Meth Drinker get to some impressive levels of sickness and heaviness rarely reached even by the masters. Band’s name, track titles and lyrics, sounds and available videos are evocative of sickness, derangement, horror and insanity to the utmost consequences. One of the most obvious visual translations of Meth Drinker’s sounds is an asylum where horrific, inhuman conditions reign, where mind numbness via drugs appears to be the sole way to escape a nightmare. And a portrait of the nightmare is depicted by the vocals, which are among the scariest vocals I have ever heard. Neither growls, nor typical furious hardcore belching: with Meth Drinker’s unique vocals you plunge into the horror, into the deranged asylum. The inhuman screams are those of insane people deprived of dignity and isolated in forgotten cages or else in the hands of improbable medicians looking like butchers experimenting on them. The video chosen by the band for the closing track of the album, Broken Down And Used Up, is terrible in this respect, as images are drawn from the 1967 documentary film called "Titicut Follies” directed by Frederick Wiseman.