Lycus - Demo 2011

Originally formed in 2008, lain to rest, and now, with their triumphant 2011 demo, resurrected in despair, California’s Lycus are a welcome addition to the doomed pantheon. This weighty four-piece play mournful, weighty funeral doom in the vein of genre titans Skepticism and Worship and peers Loss; ‘Demo MMXI’ is elegant in its despondency, and achingly beautiful in its sorrow. It’s frankly unbelievable that this is an initial offering; the complexity, maturity, and crushing, heaving emotions encapsulated within these three compositions is nothing short of breathtaking. These forgotten sons of Samothrace, distant cousins of Anhedonist, purebred descendants of Asunder, have created something truly timeless, and have only just begun their slow, certain rise to the absolute zenith. Multiple scribes and band folk alike have already heaped praise upon this album, and it’s only fitting to see it entombed in wax by The Flenser. These three majestic compositions simply demand to be ensconced within the loving embrace of virgin vinyl, and now, finally, the twain shall meet. Don’t sleep on this.