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Landing - Wave Lair

Wave Lair captures Landing during a creative resurgence, continuing down the path started on their self-titled release for Geographic North. Pulsating songs that kick around the band’s signature mix of hazy melodies, dreamy guitars and vapour-like synths, all augmented by the prominent use of drum machines and sequencers (drummer Daron Gardner has switched to bass full time). Aaron Snow says of his band’s direction, “We’re definitely happy with the new inclusion of drum machines and sequencers and such. It’s funny: we’re making the music I would have dreamed of making as an 18-year old now.”

Side A features three tracks focused on dreamy pop. Beautiful, concise tunes that show the love and influence of bands like Seefeel, Cocteau Twins and mid-80’s Cure. This may be the most melodic stuff the band has done to date. Opener “Patterns” begins with a shimmering swell before the song opens wide to unveil a rotating synth melody over which Adrienne Snow’s chilled vocals float and glide. Then there is the one-two “punch” of “Resonance” into “Cover Bare Arms.” “Resonance” is built off several layers of guitar loops with Daron Gardner’s bass line cutting right through, propelling the music into rhythmic territory the band hasn’t traveled before. “Cover Bare Arms” feels the most like an older Landing track. The easily recognizable guitar lines mixing with some new-age synth flourishes before Aaron Snow’s vocals coat everything in a hazy wash. “I feel so much lighter…” he sings with each word ascending into the sonic mist. Side B finds the band embracing their epic side with “Wave Lair.” A track that ranges from throbbing drone to soaring melody and back in just shy of 19 minutes. The layers of guitars take a backseat to the pulsing and gurgling electronics found throughout. This is a record of growth for Landing. As the band continues to add new elements to their sound they provide persuasive evidence as to why this type of music has endured. Wave Lair is limited to 300 copies and comes with a full digital download.