Elder Magick

Lacing - Bummer

The mind-bending, bone-shaking debut album Bummer from the Chattanooga quartet LACING starts in the realm of shoegaze, taking influence from legendary bands such as My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. However, it quickly defies preconceived notions about what a shoegaze band should sound like by moving in bold, diverse directions, going into sludge-rock, noise-rock, ambient, and even pop territories. Bummer is a meticulously crafted debut masterpiece, with every squeal of feedback, every dive-bomb guitar attack and every devastating drum beat assembled with both fury and care.

“Who’d expect a shoegaze album of this caliber coming from Chattanooga, rather than England?” - The Pulse, on Bummer

“Bummer is loud, boisterous, immaculately turbulent and a record that you’ll be coming back to for a very long time.” - Nooga.com

Called a “Chattanooga super group” by Nooga.com, Lacing features seasoned musicians with decades of experience and dozens of releases behind them. Singer/guitarist Joe Davenport performs solo noise/shoegaze under the name Millipede, whose album Realms was released on the British label Dead Pilot, and drummer Jerry Reed has played in Hoth, Rough Rope, Neon Viking Funeral and Gravebound, plays harsh noise as Rurnt and runs the label Failed Recordings. Guitarist Robert Parker has been a member of the shoegaze group Swoon, the garage-rock quartet Thee Something Brothers and the pop/rock band Mister Grits, and bassist Joseph J. Micolo III has numerous projects including Segaworms, GTRUK and Vaus and plays in the Massapequa, NY band Year of Confession.

Following the acclaimed Honey Glow EP, the full-length album Bummer is available as a vinyl record on Elder Magick Records and as a digital download with one bonus track.