Consouling Sounds

Labirinto / thisquietarmy - Split

Once again, Montreal s one-man drone machine thisquietarmy teams up with another sonically different experimental post-rock band, Labirinto, from Sao Paulo. While the two acts are from different hemispheres, they both have a mutual admiration for each other s sound and work ethic, as well as shared influences of textured sounds such as ambient, psychedelic, post-rock, and black metal. As an ambitious seven-piece band, Labirinto s instrumentation includes a combination of orchestral guitar riffs, synthesizers, bass, cello, and percussion. Their critically acclaimed 2010 debut Anatena was mixed by Greg Norman (Pelican, Russian Circles). This time, they asked Tony Doogan (Mogwai) to mix the tracks. And as for thisquietarmy, the artist showcases the different sides of his staple drone buildups and dark ambient soundscapes.

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