Sons Of Vesta

Johnny Mox - We=Trouble

Known for their work in the dark recesses of heavy music via such vehicles as Khanate, ISIS, and Blind Idiot God, it would have been easy enough for the trio of Aaron Turner, James Plotkin and Tim JOHNNY MOX is the project of the italian multi-instrumentalist Gianluca Taraborelli (nurse! nurse! nurse!, fonda sisters). “we = trouble” combines gospel, spirituals, blues, with a raw punk influence. through the construction of real-time loops, Mox works overlapping choral harmonies, beatbox noises and creating an edgy and original sound. a castle of voices, pedals and beatboxes meticulously stacked one inside the other. the result is a sort of skeletal gospel pierced by rusty noise and heated by electronic grafts. obsessive spirituals for punks in search of redemption, nailed souls, millions of growing voices trapped in the rib cage, ready to grow and devour wires and amplifiers. The record will come with a classic 12" red record packed in a standard jacket, also including a cd featuring a handful of new material by johnny, exploring different soundscapes. this EP is called “lord only knows how many times I cursed these walls” and it’s completely instrumental: four psychedelic acoustic pieces as a result of a session in which the folk guitar is used as a percussion instrument, exploiting its full potential of timbre and rhythm.