Jeniferever - Iris

180g black vinyl, heavy gatefold covers, limited to 320 pieces.

"It may be just a four-track EP but don’t whatever you do think this is a ‘quick-spin-while-getting-ready-to-go-out’ job. Clocking in at no less than 37 minutes Jeniferever are a band all-too-fluent in the art of drawing out a song and building upon it wonderfully expressive Sigur Ros-esque art-scapes. As you begin to absorb such delicate waves of sound you start to view their music more as works of art, where, in ‘White Belt, Black Heart’ especially, ebbing strings and flowing bursts of colour are shaded warmly while evocations of long-treasured emotions are given chance to unfold once more. (...) Without getting too poetic about it, ‘Iris’ is simply a beautiful record that you’ll find caressing your hangover time and time again."

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