Wolves & Vibrancy

Idre - Unforgiving Landscapes

“Unforgiving Landscapes” is a 2-song, 44-minute experiment in sound that presents Idre’s most somber and monumental material to date. Building on their 2014 self-titled debut, the music and lyrical themes explore the immense and spacial elements of doom, the raw, murky, and grim depths of dark rock and goth, the dynamic, ethereal architecture of neo-classical and ambient music, the eerie, mythical vision and twang of American folk and western scores, coupled with the emotional torment and range of tensions that reside within us and our environment, delivered in a context best summarized as Idre. The release moves beyond its predecessor in weight and mass. Rich in single-note riffing and textured guitars, thunderous, airy percussion, and deep, minimalistic bass tones, while despairing vocals artfully reside in the void.