ABC Group

Holy Sons - I Want To Live a Peaceful Life

First time vinyl pressing of this lost, loner-folk gem. Recorded from 2000-2002 in Portland, Oregon by EMIL AMOS (OM, GRAILS), with two unreleased songs. Exclusive to this new reissue, both bonus songs have never seen the light of day: “Peaceful Life” was recorded in 2000 by longtime Chicago engineer PAT KENEALLY (RIP) and “Trivialized’ is from a studio session for XRAY Radio in 2016. Both rare tracks showcase Emil in some of his most intimate performances to date. Emil Amos has been recording and performing as HOLY SONS for over twenty years now. I Want To Live A Peaceful Life was originally his fourth album as Holy Sons, released by FILMguerrero in 2004 right before the label folded. ABC Group Documentation has reissued the record with new artwork and worked intimately with Emil to carefully direct the remastering and production of this LP. Limited edition of 500 copies worldwide